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Classy, Bougie, Work-Life Balance: How to Manage Pleasure and Peace

A cultural reset occurred this week. Beyonce teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion to remind us that she is in fact “Big B and that B stands for bands.” Unfortunately, my time in quarantine has been less about bands and more about dealing with chronic burnout. My already poor sleep schedule is now nonexistent and I’m slowly beginning to feel like my only friend is Chloe Ting. Above all, being at home has stripped me of a crucial element required for a good mental health - a work-life balance. I no longer find solitude in Netflix and some of my favourite hobbies are things I’m starting to avoid doing. My life lacks a definitive line separating my school life and my personal life. Blending the two has led me to feeling both overwhelmed and inadequate on more than one occasion.

Stress isn’t good for anyone’s skin. Finding a good work-life balance does not mean being free of responsibility - there will always be something that needs to be done. A good work-life balance is about managing the things that cause us stress in a way that is productive and healthy. If we don’t, more than our skin suffers. A poor work-life balance can lead to stress and chronic burnout. On two separate occasions I’ve woken up after having a fever dream about google classroom notifications.Take a minute to think to yourself: do you remember your locker combination? If like me, the answer is no you’ll most likely also relate to school feeling like a distant memory. In the short six weeks since I’ve been to school so much has changed and it is crucial that we adapt our lives to accommodate for this.


Make personal distinctions between your home life and your school life. For me, my room is a place of solitude and the location I return to whenever I’m upset or need space to myself. Some people would argue that this is the perfect place to complete homework but I would argue the exact opposite. Keeping my personal sanctuary separate from where I do my work allows me to feel like I have somewhere comfortable to return to at the end of a long day. It makes me feel like I’m working towards something and the end trophy is a relaxing environment that caters to everything I want after dealing with a stressful week. Keeping the two areas separate reminds me that I should give myself equal time to relax and work. It also works to prevent chronic burnout. Whenever I need inspiration, I return to the place that feeds my soul.


Create a workspace that is conducive to your success. Your workspace should not be a miserable environment. Take the time to jazz up the space! Engage in a DIY project or two and I promise you will see the change in environment reflected in your work. Create a vision board with images of your favourite memories, friends and the future you want to build for yourself. Each time you feel demotivation sinking in, turn to your vision board and remind yourself of why you’re doing all of this. As individuals, we change, grow and develop constantly. You aren’t stagnant and your workspace shouldn’t be either. Allow the things you surround yourself with to grow with you and inspire you to do things you previously wrote-off as impossible.


Celebrate yourself and the things you’ve managed to achieve! Over the course of the past four weeks I’ve eaten more banana bread than I have in my entire life. Although that’s my treat of choice, pick something that makes you feel good about yourself. Taking time for yourself is not a crime nor should it make you feel guilty. With all the work, time and effort that you’re putting in, never feel like you don’t deserve it. Develop a skincare routine that is relaxing or make the time to do a sheet mask with some friends over facetime. Rewarding yourself provides the strength and resilience to keep going even when things are grim.

Regardless of how contrived it sounds, It is your responsibility to put the “I” in happiness. These three tips are an excellent place to begin!

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