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Three 2020 Fashion & Beauty Trends That Just Make Sense

Put a finger down if in the past week you have heard at least one skin care guru describe the evils of parabens or you’ve seen your favourite influencer decked out in biker shorts. In 2020, fashion and beauty trends are constantly evolving - from “bumping the ends” to Fenty Skin, the industry seems to be a world unto itself. Whether you’re best described as alt or vsco, style is forever and fashion remains a universal language. Join me as I explore some of my favourite fashion trends from 2020.


It was not until the release of Doja Cat’s “Moo!” video that I realized how much of life I was missing out on by not exploring the wonders of cow print. Cow, snake, cheetah - I’ll take them all! I particularly think prints and patterns can be exciting when used for swimsuits and beachwear! Prints and patterns exist primarily in a class of their own and more times than not, they can make or break an outfit.

For the past decade, I find that prints have gone severely underutilized because of how bold and possibly overpowering they can be to an outfit but my personal philosophy remains unchanged; a good splash of zebra print never hurt anybody! The same is true of patterns which have been confined to strict rules about how they can be worn, paired and styled. All of these rules and restrictions contradict the fundamental principle of fashion which states that there are no rules. I love prints and patterns because they remind me that fashion is a medium of self-expression - I dress to impress nobody but myself. These prints are bold and unforgettable, slowly teaching me to be the same.


As I type this, I’m sure any fashion editor from the 80’s is rolling in their graves but it must be said: platform shoes are one of the biggest trends of 2020 and I am eternally grateful for them. They are a blast from the past and pay homage to the early 90’s in the best way possible. The earliest recorded use of platform shoes dates back to 220BC when Greek actors would wear shoes with platform to denote importance. The higher the shoe, the more the story revolved around that character. In modern fashion, Salvatore Ferragamo brought the platform back into style during the 1930’s with the launch of his cork style shoe. Since then the shoe style has moved in and out of favour during the 70’s, 90’s and 2010’s.

Platform shoes earn a special praise because of their versatility. They can be dressed up when attached to a leather boot or a wedged heel rather than sky high stilettos. They can also be dressed down when worn as dad shoes or chunky sneakers. The most important feature of the platform shoe is their comfort. Their ability to be worn for hours on end without pain garners them top marks from me!


I have been told my entire life that the eyes are the window to the soul but I believe our skin is a much better reflection of our own personal stories. Each time I look at pictures of myself from when I was younger I am shocked at how different and yet how similar I look in each of them. From long nights at the beach to crying during exam season my skin holds all of my deepest darkest secrets. The skin is the greatest gift we could have which is why it is so important to take care of it. Oftentimes the beauty industry is equated to just being about makeup but the increased focus on self-care has meant more people than ever are now focused on taking care of their skin.

Self-care has also encouraged accountability. In June of 2020, Johnson & Johnson company announced that they would no longer be selling skin-lightening creams, a step in the right direction. Influencers like Skincare By Hyram have made products, their purposes and their ingredients more accessible than ever before and encouraged people to make decisions that speak to the unique needs of their own skin. Skincare is a journey that is individual to everyone but I can think of few things more exciting than ending the night with a good face mask or the feeling your skin has after it’s been freshly exfoliated. For me, the intersections between self-care and skincare begin with Empathy. The store offers a wide range of products that meet the fundamentals of any good skin care routine. Formulated with organic ingredients and with a focus on making your skin happy, Empathy Cosmetics is a great place to start!

As an epilogue to the list, I think it is important to understand the ideological shift that has taken place in the fashion and beauty industries over the past five years. This change can be summed up by one word: individuality. There has been a move away from joining the masses and rather allowing your fashion to make you an individual. Formerly “niche” interests for the average teenage girl like skating and anime have taken the world by storm. The internet, in particular Generation Z, has gravitated towards unique, smaller boutiques on platforms like etsy whereas ten years ago, shopping at Claire’s was a rite of passage. Where in 2010, I would have traded the world to look like any given mannequin from a Justice storefront, 2020 fashion is based around inspiration and customization. Everybody wants to be different, but in our search for individualism, have we ended up more similar than ever?

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